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F-22 Total Air War ( ISO )

217 MBTotal Air War takes off where F22: ADF left off, adding crucial features such as, most importantly, dynamic campaigns. What’s a dynamic campaign? That’s a campaign that, rather being scripted and force you to, say, successfully complete every mission, tracks your results instead and adjusts enemy activity accordingly. Lost a mission? You might find yourself facing extra-heavy forces at that last military plant you didn’t bomb. Missed a SAM? Watch your teammate go flaming down in, uh, flames, blaming irresponsibility and ignorance on the part of the planners. Or maybe he just sucked and never looked at the radar. Whatever, the point is you get an environment with (according to DiD, I’d never be crazy enough to count – give me my target wing of Migs and a couple bunkers and SAM sites and I’ll be happy) over 22,000 targets, 5,000 named cities and towns (didn’t know that many existed, wonder if they invented some for the goodness of the scenario – Pseudoville? Has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?); 300 airfields, with correct runways, control towers, accompanying buildings, and so forth. And to top it off, 4.5 million square kilometers of land mass are covered in the game, spanning eight countries, for ultimate realism. (Now I know what those spy satellites must’ve been doing after the Cold War. Too bad they never got hold of the Russian ones, as the quality of the terrain textures might’ve been a tad better if they did).

The system requirements for F22: TAW were virtually the same as for F22: ADF. Minimum specs called for a Pentium 166 with 16 MB, and recommended system was P200 or better with 32 MB RAM and 3dfx video board. The game ran well on 4MB video hardware, and total install was around 100 MB.


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