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Jump And Ride – Riding Academy 3D

242 MBSaddle Up and Get Ready to Ride with your favorite horses! Experience the thrill of championship horseback racing in this 3D simulation game lled with jumping fun. Ride on breathtaking trails in America’s Rocky Mountains, the English countryside, or enjoy classic racing in Austria. Challenge up to 6 competitors as you gallop by Egypt’s pyramids. Ride like the wind and test your horses’ power and stamina over obstacles, forks in the road, and off trail shortcuts. See you in the Winner’s Circle!

Product Description
Riding Academy 2 3D brings you ultra-realistic horseback riding and jumping fun. Race through 12 action packed steeplechase courses and gallop with your horse over water jumps, brush fences, and timber rails to the finish line. Enjoy the ultimate in horseback riding simulation! Split screen racing

Product Features
* 6 Horses featuring unique personalities and abilities
* 7 World-Class Locations to ride and race in 3 Levels of Difficulty to accommodate all players
* Hundreds of Obstacles and varied terrains
* Amazing 3D Graphics with realistic lighting effects
* Animated Backgrounds and beautiful scenery,

Intel or AMD 2GHz Processor
DirectX 9.0
DirectX compatible Video Card with Pixel Shaders 2.0 support
DirectX compatible Sound Card

Labeled as RIP where found

Pass if asked!

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