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Sniper Ghost Warrior PC SKIDROW

Sniper Ghost Warrior PC SKIDROW
Sniper Ghost Warrior PC SKIDROW
Here`s a new first person shooting game which is “Sniper Ghost Warrior” coming from very well known scene group SKIDROW. Let`s Check it Out Guys!
Based on the covert, shadowy world of the military sniper, Sniper: Ghost Warrior throws players into the chaos of a military coup, as they aid the rebels in restoring the rightful government to the embattled country of Isla Trueno. When the democratic government of Isla Trueno is overthrown, an aggressive and hostile military command rises to power. A highly trained special ops unit is sent in to help the rebels accomplish objectives that only a sniper can handle. In addition to intense sniper missions, players will also take part in a variety of assault scenarios where their prowess with weapons will be a huge help to the undermanned rebels.



  • Top of the line ballistic system that accounts for environmental effects like wind and gravity. Track the bullet “trace” as it cuts through the air towards the target. Modern snipers and their spotters rely upon this “trace” to make adjustments.
  • Non-linear gameplay allows players to decide how they wish to approach a situation. Challenges may be completed in several different sequences, giving players the freedom to explore.
  • Variety of mission types from long-range sniping and close quarter combat, to booby-trapping and infiltration.
  • s

    Publisher: City Interactive
    Developper: City Interactive
    Genre: First-Person Shooter

    Release Name: Sniper.Ghost.Warrior-SKIDROW
    Size: 4.04GB

    As a Ghost Warrior, an elite sniper in a highly trained
    special ops unit, your unique skills in the art of stalking,
    target detection, surveillance and shooting accuracy will
    determine mission success.

    The current government of a US backed small-island nation has
    been overthrown by a hostile military regime and your
    specialized sniping skills are needed to bring order back to
    the small island nation.

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior delivers an extended stealth game play
    experience that challenges players with a variety of
    strategic and tactical choices that affect how they approach
    their objectives and eliminate their targets.

    The most realistic sniping experience in a video game ever,
    right down to managing your breathing for increased accuracy
    of sniper shots

    Enjoy a fully realistic ballistic system that accounts for
    bullet trajectory, including bullet drop and environmental
    effects such as wind, fog & rain

    Pull off the perfect headshot and watch your bullet strike
    the enemy with pin-point accuracy in Bullet Cam mode

    An arsenal explosive weaponry is at your disposal. Defend you
    perimeter with Claymore mines, demolish enemy outposts with C4
    charges and make silent kills with throwing knives

    4 types of sniping rifles: AS50, MSG90, SR25 & SVD Dragunov

    A variety of mission types ranging from sniper vs. sniper
    elimination, real-time tactical assault and fixed machine gun

    Built on the Chrome engine that immerses players in lush
    jungle and detailed industrial environments

    Sniper Ghost Warrior Update 1-SKIDROW
    – Fixed several game stability problems
    – Fixed voice-over and texts errors
    – Fixed sound errors (i.e. sound of knife stab)
    – Fixed a few other minor gameplay bugs
    Install Notes:
    1. Unpack the included rar files.
    2. Run Sniper.Ghost.Warrior.Update.1.exe and install
    3. Copy the cracked content from SKIDROW directory to your main installation directory and overwrite.
    4. Play the game

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