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DotA Tools Pack v 1.0

DotA Tools Pack v 1.0
DotA Tools Pack v 1.0
2010 | English, Russian | Tools | Hidden Team | 356 MB

This package includes a set of the most popular programs for playing WarCraft III TFT, as well as for its well-known map DotA

Diabolic Warcraft III Tools (author Diabolic)
Utility helps to change many things in Warcraft III. Includes change fonts, background main screen, different themes for the DoT, mending broken / non-prescribed model units pillboxes, exterminator logo in the main menu, propisanie games in the register and lots of other goodies.

WVS (Warcraft 3 Version Switcher)
utility for quick and easy change of game.

DotaHIT v0.999s4 (+ Replay Parser & Replay Finder) (author Danat)
Advanced Analyzer replays, as well as an opportunity to “dress” and see the possibility of any character in the selected map bunkers.

ReplaySeeker v1.1s (authors: Danat & DonTomaso)
actually, manipulator speed replays + a few more fichey.

Window Mouse Capturer (WMC) (author VeeTee)
WMC is an enhanced version of Warcraft III Mouse Capture. It allows you to lock the movement of the cursor in the active window (not just in Warcraft III). The main use of this program – the correct play in Warcraft in windowed mode. No WMC if move the cursor over onco (games or anything), the cursor will fly beyond the window. WMC it prevents.

DotaConfig (DC) (by Spark)
Simple exe’shnik. Perfectly suited for games as in the Battle, and in the Garenne. Run and see it in Tray. Right-click you can turn off scripting. Compatible with all versions of WINDOWS. To run in Vista/Win7 run as administrator. Programm though old, but still popular.

The Tools of The Trade v1.1 (for the character Invoker)
This is a simple program that will do a combination of abilities for Invokera very comfortable. The program is fully legally, because it does not interact directly with Warcraft.

Anglofikator sound
This program changes the voiceovers from any language into English, not for nothing they say is a real War – is the original English, as well as the original font!

Advanced WarCraft 3 Configurator (AWC) 1.17
Program Advanced WarCraft 3 Configurator (AWC) is designed for more setup WarCraft 3, because staff means the game sometimes
allow to define or modify the set of available options.

Dota Tool Kit (DTK) – Customize warcraft & DotA (author Grisgon)
All of the features list is difficult. It includes advanced control and all sorts perebindovki buttons. Also includes some features of the programs DC and The Tools of The Trade.

Warcraft III Fixer (author Lacewing)
A simple example program, which allows properly set the path to pirate / copy of Warcraft in the registry.

Wc3styler 1.2
An interesting program that allows you to decorate the interface bunkers and replace the game music to their own songs in the format. Mp3

WarRun 4.0 alpha
Analog AWC

Warcraft III Screen Adjuster
Talking name. Allows you to manually replace the extension screen for the game.


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