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Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes

Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes
Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes | 680 MB

Description: The young recruit Drake fails the exam of the military academy and is thus denied the right to fight for his proud kingdom of Glory. Humiliated and frustrated he seeks to launch himself into the jaws of ferocious mushrooms. However, he then notices that he is not the only one who is just wanting to take their own life in disappointment.He encounters the last depressed remains of Glorys troops which, now bearing severe injuries, have just returned from a decisive battle – the one particular battle that Drake was denied to join. The most famous hero of humanity is also among the few survivors: Holy Avatar. The arrogant knight in shiny armor tells you about the threat of a sect, which suddenly appeared and destroyed the entire royal army.The land of Glory is being overrun by creatures of the Dark Church, and worse yet, HE, the great Holy Avatar, has been defeated for the first time in his entire heroic life.


* Turn-based, tactical battles featuring the most hilarious animations ever seem in an RPG.
* Explore beautiful forests and villages as well as dark dungeons in the fantasy world of Grotesque.
* An ironic storyline with a deep atmosphere, which RPG fans will be singing ballads of for the next thousands of years.
* Huge, detailed and ill-tempered bosses
* Entertaining multiple choice conversations and dialogue puzzles in a style similar to Monkey Island are giving the SRPG genre a new face.
* Classic RPG elements: complete story-driven quests, discover treasure, carry on trade, level and power up party members.

Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes

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