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[PC] James Cameron’s Avatar The Game FULL RIP – ENG

[PC] James Cameron's Avatar The Game FULL RIP - ENG

[PC] James Cameron’s Avatar The Game FULL RIP – ENG | 3,6 GB

In the distant future earthlings have exhausted the resources of their native planet and is now seeking to acquire the gifts are not Earth, but the Pandora. Peace-loving Na’vi, Pandora’s Aborigines live, not knowing the technology, in harmony in the beautiful world of wild nature. What happens to the fragile peace sinekozhih giants Na’vi with long tails and huge green eyes, when a technological armada of Earth hangs in the sky of the planet? How to save humanity from resource starvation and, at the same time not destroy the biological civilization Aborigines? Which of the civilizations in the end will come first in the race for survival? Answers to these questions will allow players to get,standing on one side of the conflict and his own to build the future of their nation.

Game Features
– Play as we can for the people (a corporation), and for Na’Vi.
– The storyline of the game will be different from the history of film, although, of course, familiar characters will be encountered everywhere.
– Battling with the enemies, you will receive an experience that can be spent on improving skills.
– James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game – one of the few games that use the technology of three-dimensional image, that is, for full immersion – a process you need to wear 3D-glasses, which will be completed with each box with the game.
– The developers promise stunning special effects: fire, explosions, three-dimensional grass,whistling past you bullets, etc.


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