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Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (RUS/ENG)

Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (RUS/ENG)

Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (2009/RUS/ENG)
PC Game | Windows | Valve Software | 15.4 GB
Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 is No-Steam collection of games built on the basis of resources Half-Life 2.
Year: 2009
Genres: FPS (First Person Shooter)
Language: Russian, English
Sound Language: Russian, English
Developer: Valve Software
Publisher: Buka
File size: 15.4 GB
Build 7000 contains the latest versions of the following games:
1. Half-Life Source
2. Half-Life Source DeathMatch
3. Half-Life 2
4. Half-Life 2 DeathMatch
5. Half-Life 2 Capture the Flag
6. Half-Life 2 The Lost Coast
7. Half-Life 2 Episode One
8. Half-Life 2 Episode Two
9. Counter Strike Source
10. Day of Defeat Source
11. Portal
12. Team Fortress II
13. Garry’s Mod 10
14. D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up
15. Portal Prelude
16. Smashball
17. Zombie Panic! Source
18. Eternal Silence
19. Dystopia
20. Synergy
21. Age of Chivalry
Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (RUS/ENG)
List of changes:
Version 7000 (01-DEC-2009)
Main assembly:
1. Added 8 new games.
2. All games have been updated to the latest versions (at the time of assembly).
3. New installer. Written from scratch optimized script is compiled in the latest version InnoSetup support features in Windows 7.
1. All Russification updated to the latest versions.
2. Added full voice Half-Life Source from the usual Half-Life.
Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (RUS/ENG)
Key features of the assembly:
HL2UE uses. GCF files without proper platform Steam Steam-client. This means that you get the same quality games for free In addition, the use of cached
files instead of uncompressed substantially reduces the required disk space for installation (only 34 GB for all 21 games). Also accelerates downloads.
– Simple user-friendly installer with a choice of components. Yes, it is not necessary to install all 21 games. You can choose one, two, etc.
Note: Some games (eg Half-Life Deathmatch Source) require the installation of content from other games (Half-Life Source). So do not be surprised if you
find two games instead of one. Another example of “paired” games are Portal and Portal Prelude.
– Fully working search for servers and system advances in Episode Two, TF2, Portal, DoD, DIPRIP, Age of Chivalry.
– Correctly employed Garry’s mod.
HL2UE_70XX_RUSSIAN_PACK.iso – optional Russifier. Contains their official voices from the company Buka. Just mount it after you install theEnglish
version of the installer and follow the instructions.
System requirements:
– Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
– Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 Hz
– Memory: 512 MW
– Video: 128 MW DirectX 9.0c Compartible
On the file:
Publication Type: piratka
Tablet: Not required
File format:. Iso
Platform: PC
Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (RUS/ENG)
Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (RUS/ENG)

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Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (RUS/ENG)

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