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Symphonic Rhapsody

104 MBWelcome to the planet Alamosa.

600 years ago, a planet called Alamosa was struck by an enormous meteor,
inflicting major damage to it’s whole physical balance and structure.
The impact was so huge, it caused the planet’s core to collapse due to a temporary orbital change, sucking part of the planet’s interior into space, leaving almost a shell and a temperature drop around the core.
The suction caused many of the surface continents to sink into the planet,
starving the civilisations of natural daylight.
The adapted underground people would use airships to get around from town to town.
Only small areas of natural beauty were now existent on the surface of Alamosa,
where only natural sunlight still shone.
The story starts off with a young man called Jowan, who is desperately wishing
to retrieve his lost love which was taken away by a Dark Sorceress called Wendhi.
By unravelling the curse, he plans to get herback, but at a cost.


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