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StateShift – 260Mb oNly

StateShift - 260Mb oNly

StateShift – 260Mb oNly

After languishing in limbo for years, StateShift has finally pulled up to the starting line. Released as a download-only game for the PlayStation Portable in North America, StateShift plays exactly like what you might expect from a three-year-old racer that could never quite find its way to actual store shelves. It’s generic. It’s unexciting. It’s depressingly mediocre.

StateShift is a future-racer, cut from the same mold as the cult hit Rollcage. The game rolls out cliche boilerplate about a world with few natural resources left, cast into turmoil and depression. All folks have to live for are the StateShift races. You pilot a sci-fi roadster through a lengthy career, trading paint with rival racers as you roar toward the finish line. The gimmick for StateShift, though, is that your vehicle is in a state of flux. You can sorta-transform it during races through different button presses once that new “state” has been unlocked. States beef up certain aspects of the vehicle, like top speed (Dragster). However, you need to collect energy in order to use your states.

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