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Dynasty Warrior 4 Hyper (PC/Rip)

Dynasty Warrior 4 Hyper (PC/Rip)

Dynasty Warrior 4 Hyper (PC/Rip)
English | PC | Developer: Omega Force | Publisher: Koei | 750 Mb
Genre: Beat-‘Em-Up

For the first time ever, the highly-acclaimed Dynasty Warriors series is coming to a whole new battlefield – the PC. With a host of graphical and gameplay enhancements, Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper is the definitive version of this best-selling tactical action game.
The 400-year reign of the Han Empire has been brought to an end. The once noble Chinese empire has crumbled into three warring states, all vying for control of a land ruled by chaos. In the fires of battle, legends will be made by those who strive to forge a new dynasty.


Dynasty Warrior 4 Hyper (PC/Rip)

Dynasty Warrior 4 Hyper (PC/Rip)

Dynasty Warrior 4 Hyper (PC/Rip)

PC Exclusive Features

* The most graphically superior version of the series yet, optimized for PC and featuring higher resolution, anti-aliasing, texture filtering, and more.
* New dynamic shadows enhance the realism of each battlefield.
* Twice as many onscreen characters and double the draw distance of previous versions.
* Bilingual voice option lets you experience the original Japanese dialogue.
* Improved enemy AI – enemies are fiercer and attack more frequently.

Original DW4 Features

All of the features that fans have come to expect from Dynasty Warriors 4 are available in this PC version:

* Intense tactical action that pits you against hundreds of deadly warriors in epic battles.
* An advanced melee fighting system lets you perform powerful moves and dazzling combos.
* Over 40 playable characters, each with their own unique fighting styles and stories, as well as the ability to create your own officers.
* Elephants, battering rams, catapults, fire-breathing tiger tanks – each battlefield presents a different challenge.
* Over 50 stages across 17 unique maps, all based on historical locales.
* Two-player versus and co-op modes.
* Fierce one-on-one duels between generals.
* A weapon experience system adds RPG elements to the action-packed gameplay.
* Using a multiple scenario system, new victory conditions will emerge and different events will occur as each battle unfolds.
* Based on Luo Guanzhong’s novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

System Requirements

Operating System :XP
Video Card : 128 Mb
CPU : 1.4 GHz
Ram : 256MB

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