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Infernal (2007/Rus/Eng)

Infernal (2007/Rus/Eng)
Infernal (2007/Rus/Eng) | 1.35 GB

The protagonist of “Diabolique”, the special agent intelligence Ryan Lennox – be inhuman. It features a very hell of hell, hiding among lyudey.On playfully breaks the most sophisticated security system. He amuses himself with his bare hands fighting the puny mortals. Ultramodern machinery and dark diabolical forces are at the service agent Lennox, sposobnogoobraschatsya in incorporeal ghost and devour the souls of his enemies

More Info
The successful combination of genres shooter and stealth;
Huge selection of weapons and an impressive array of supernatural powers of the hero;
Espionage equipment for covert investigation of the surrounding world;
The ability to use objects of the environment;
The hero is able to apply different styles of melee combat;
Guns cause different damage depending on to what alter ego – a ghost or a man – stands the hero;
Intelligent and cunning enemies, actively take advantage of the landscape;
Exciting plot, and countless little things that create the unique surroundings games;
The ability of the hero to restore strength, vitality eating their enemies;
Variety of transport equipment;
Changes in the outside world affect the way in which the player will have to act in the future.

System Requirements:
Minimum system requirements:
Operating system Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000/XP
Processor Pentium ® III / AMD ® 1.7 GHz
512 MB RAM
1.8 GB free hard disk space
Videocard level GeForce 5900/RadeOn 9600 c 128 MB
Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
DirectX ® 9.0c
Device for reading CD / DVD-ROM drive

Year: 2007
Genre: Action
Developer: Metropolis Software
Publisher: Playlogic Entertainment
Platform: PC
Language: Russian / English
Publication Type: pirates
Tablet: Not required
Size: 1,35 GB


Kategori:action, shoot
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