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Team Apache

Team Apache
Team Apache
PC game | Windows | Genre: Helicopter Sim | 387 MB

In Team Apache there are just so many ways to play that you cannot help but enjoy yourself! Check This OUT! Six Interactive training missions step you through flying the most lethal killing machine in America’s front line combat arsenal. Scalable play modes from pure arcade for beginners to moderate realism and hardcore simulator for experienced pilots! Real-time campaigns include air to air, pilot rescue, chopper recovery, escort and seek & destroy missions! You can even recruit your own crew judging them on skills, experience and leadership!

Real-time weather and lighting effects, stunning 3D graphics, team management and even network deathmatch or team play, 2 Major campaigns, 16 combat missions, 3 Different terrain areas (Russia, Colombia and Utah) and 6 Different training missions.

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 133,
16 MB RAM.

Team Apache

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